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Foundation Drain Tile

An easily overlooked and often unsupervised installation is that of foundation drain tile.  The tile system’s job is to collect water that naturally flows toward the foundation and move it away from the house.  An improperly installed or incomplete drain system can lead to water problems for the homeowner and builder long after construction is complete.

The tile used in residential applications is usually a four inch diameter perforated, corrugated plastic pipe covered with an approved filter membrane.  It is best installed at the side of the foundation footing and set in a stone bed with stone cover to keep the water level around the house as low as possible.

Depending on the grade of the area surrounding the house the pipe will either channel the water to daylight and discharge it down a slope or to a sump pit where it will be pumped away.  If a sump pit and pump are necessary it is important that the water is discharged far enough away from the foundation that it does not flow back and create a continuous loop of water.

Always follow local codes for foundation drainage installation and discharge of water.