There is a right and wrong way to do pretty much anything, and at Crown Construction Contracting we do it right and strive for continuous improvement.

On a residential development I was involved with years ago I marked out walls that were out of plumb and decking and stair treads that needed to be secured properly.  The response from the framer stays with me as he stated that the items would be addressed if they make the punch list…or it’s not a flaw if the homeowner doesn’t see it and it survives the warranty period.  He fixed it but only after tearing everything marked with orange paint out with a sledgehammer.

As we traveled around the country we have had subcontractors argue if we are building a Swiss Watch, and say our expectations are exceeding industry standards.  When it was all said and done the installations were right.

Our uncompromising attitude toward quality is right.  Add up all the attention paid to detail and the customer gets a great product.  It doesn’t matter if it is a house, restaurant, office or industrial building.  If the components are right and installed right the result is right and is also reflected in an on time and budget project.

Currently we work with some of the most experienced subcontractors in the area.  We make a great team as not only are we like minded in a business sense but we have the same uncompromising attitude toward quality.  We all watch out for each other and punch out the project as we go.  This attitude not only results in a great product but is somewhat self serving as it avoids doing things twice.  You know the saying about not having time to do it right the first time…

A friend of ours has a beautiful house in an upscale local development.  They investigated the builder, saw his houses, and contracted for a design-build project.  As you read this the wood floors are cupped throughout the first floor, drywall is water damaged in multiple locations and one room is infested with mold.  The culprit; poorly installed roof flashing and ice and water shield.  It is the things you don’t see that matter the most in construction.

Contact us or stop by our office to discuss your next project.  Our passion for excellence combined with our business ethics and resumes make us unlike any other contractor in the area.  Our staff includes highly educated, LEED accredited professionals who are creative, current on the latest construction materials, methods and design and dedicated to our customers and community.

Emil Turean, President

Crown Construction Contracting

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