Realtors Working With Architects and Contractors Makes Sense

Proper planning prevents poor performance applies to everything we do including purchasing property for a new house or an existing home to be remodeled.

Costs can escalate and dreams deflate when problems arise following the purchase of a property.  Zoning, well and septic, site conditions, existing structure constraints and building codes to name a few, not investigated prior to closing can create insurmountable issues.

Many if not all of the issues that can impact a home or property purchase can be identified and resolved early in the process by the realtor and home owner teaming up with an architect and contractor.

This group approach plays to the individual strengths of each member.  From the start budget, goals and ground rules are set that will continue through construction and turnover.  This type of process is transparent and results in all “having each other’s back”.

The architect along with the contractor will make sure the project is buildable.  The architect will work with the client to visualize their dream incorporating all their unique needs and wants and set a budget.  Together with the contractor he will work with the client to formalize the design within a detailed and inclusive budget.

Selecting a proven architect teamed with a contractor that will manage the total process and openly communicate cost and information is the formula for success for realtors and their clients.

Crown believes this is the only way to approach a project and our staff has been doing it successfully for over 20 years in the commercial and residential fields.  Most recently we have been fortunate to have worked with Bamesberger Architecture located in Valparaiso and been part of the creativity, passion, knowledge and accountability that Fred brings to everything he does.

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