Going the Extra Mile

Woody Allen was quoted as saying that “showing up is 80% of life”.  There are different variations of the quote but the meanings are similar.  It can be assumed that the other 20% is consumed with doing whatever it takes to stay under the radar.

As we start a new year of business we are grateful that this quote does not apply to the  contractors and suppliers who budget and plan our projects with us.

Over the course of a year a lot of planning and budgeting goes into projects that either we are not awarded or did not move past the initial stages.  Many of the projects we pursue are unique so this can be frustrating as weeks or months of planning implode when one of these jobs does not go forward.

Everybody we work with goes the extra mile when it comes to budgeting a project with us, even though they know there may be nothing specific in return.  The contractors and suppliers take conceptual designs and work with us to develop detailed project plans that we can submit with confidence knowing that we have all costs, scope and potential pitfalls identified to the best of our abilities.

All of us at Crown want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supports us in our pursuit of projects through their time, knowledge and positive attitudes.

Owners and architects who ultimately work with Crown and our team of contractors and suppliers are rewarded with a well planned and successful project.

It is never too early to involve Crown Construction Contracting with a residential or commercial project.  We manage cost, schedule and quality from inception to completion.  Our experience is diverse and the contractors we work with are the best in the area.  Contact us at (219) 488-2400 or visit our Crown Point office.